Medial schwa is more complex, since it has any of the full realisations of [a e i o u] according to phonological environment. The medial schwa subset therefore has to be broken down into 5 further divisions to allow for these subtypes (see table 1 below).

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Environment a-schwa e-schwa i-schwa o-schwa u-schwa
J – after /j/ serious requires canyon
L – before /l/ normal novel privilege ecological people
N – before /n/ balance stolen tension second unfortunate
M – before /m/ tantrum cinema freedom
P – before labials (including /w/, excluding /m/) supposed celebratory responsible bishop
F – before /f/ and /v/ paraffin benefit beautifully renovation
H – before /h/ in following syllable alcohol
R – before /r/ in following syllable primary funeral inspiration memory
K – before velars stomach subjects (n) certificate allocated
G – ‘other’ (before [θ ð t d s z ʃ ʒ tʃ dʒ], i.e. before coronals, excluding [n l r], plus alveopalatals) brothers biggest stupid carrots
I – after /i:/ in preceding syllable even

Table 1. Example tokens of 5 types of medial schwa by structural environment.